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Our manufacturing philosophy means our industrial fans are...

star Superior quality

At the heart of our business is a passion for excellence in engineering. This has guided every aspect of our philosophy to create high quality fans. By utilising an integrated automated manufacturing process we believe that we manufacture the highest quality fans in the industry.

barchart Highly efficient

The driving force in designing our fans was to be as efficient as possible. This efficiency had to apply to the manufacturing process as well as the operating efficiency. We believe that we are unmatched in both these areas with our efficiency gains in our fans being as high as 15% compared to our competitors.

stopwatch Quickly turned around

Our manufacturing process has been designed around our bespoke integrated manufacturing software solution that enables us to process a fan from an estimate at a click of a button. This coupled with our unique manufacturing process enables us to complete your orders in half the time that is offered by our competitors.

compose Bespoke & Unique

At its core our business is based on engineering excellence. Our engineers have an intimate understanding of engineering principles and their application to fan manufacturing. This enables us to tailor our fans to meet the individual requirements of any customer. We offer over 20,000 fan designs from 250mm impellors to 2.4 metres.

fan Our Products

Centrifugal fans

Our centrifugal fans span a wide duty range of volume and pressure combinations. This enables RHF to deliver fans that operate at or close to maximum efficiency.

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Axial fans

We produce 3 main types of Axial fans, Long and short cased, bifurcated and belt driven fans.

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Our unique Smoothflow™ inlets and impellors are up to 15% more efficient than our competitors by running with less turbulence, less noise, and a lower absorbed power

Our Smoothflow™ fans have saved

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our customers this amount since 2003

About RHF

About RHF Fans

Founded in 1978, RHF fans are a technology led manufacturer of high quality centrifugal and axial industrial fans. A unique approach to design and production, and a stable fiscal base has seen RHF grow to a market leading position in the UK.

Strategic investment in manufacturing equipment allied to class leading engineering, software development and design skills has enabled RHF to create a range of industrial fans that deliver superior performance across all applications. RHF’s bespoke solutions and unique ‘Smoothflow’ technology deliver guaranteed performance advantages in the critical areas of inlet and impellor construction, which in turn ensure better performing products. Comprehensive technical documentation and rigorous testing underpins all product development. Better thinking from RHF, from the first point of enquiry, through specification, design and production creates more effective solutions for our customers.

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