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David Fehily - Managing Director


Where did your career in industrial fan manufacturing start?

I spent 3 years at Newcastle University studying mechanical engineering and was sponsored by Ferranti. I did a couple of years working for Ferranti before and after my degree. Once I had gained some experience, I decided to move into fan manufacturing.

How did your involvement in the company start?

My involvement at RHF Fans started as it was a family business and I felt my skills would suit the company. I have a good understanding of mechanical engineering which was valuable to the business and its future. I enjoyed the prospect of using my degree and engineering experience to work alongside my father Declan Fehily and expand the family business.

 What interests you in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is an interest of mine as it involves mathematics, physics and can also involve abstract problem solving. These are things I enjoyed at school and wanted a career in which I could use them. I have an aptitude towards engineering and problem solving.

 When did you start at RHF Fans?

I started at RHF Fans in 1985 after completing my degree and final year at Ferranti.

 Who taught you everything you know about industrial fans?

Most of my knowledge on industrial fans is self-taught but I have had some training from my father Declan Fehily (Founding Director of RHF Fans) and through coursework. The foundation of my knowledge was built whilst at university and whilst working for Ferranti. I enjoy developing my understanding through reading and further research into engineering principles and concepts behind any problem I am trying to solve.

Where do your ideas for manufacturing methods come from?

They are mainly driven out of necessity to eliminate a dependency on traditional skills that can be difficult to source. I have a desire to produce a product with consistent quality, in a cost effective and efficient way; I have found new methods and machinery to achieve this.

How does it feel now your children are all part of RHF Fans?

It is nice to see the next generation of the family getting involved across all aspects of the company and introducing new skills and ideas to RHF. They work across different areas and are keen to learn about the business.

 What do you enjoy most about being Managing Director of RHF Fans?

I enjoy not being beholden to anyone and being able to spend my time designing products and developing fabrication techniques, I also enjoy creating the bespoke software used throughout the company on a day-to-day basis. I can use my skills in multiple areas as required.