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Recycling of Our Products

Recycling of Industrial Fans

The main construction material of our industrial fans is steel which is an infinitely recyclable material.

The motors and other components must be recycled / disposed of according to the individual manufacturers recommendations.

Please see below for useful links

AmTecs Ltd Motors http://amtecs.co.uk/

WEG motors – http://old.weg.net/uk

ABB motors – http://new.abb.com/motors-generators

Rockwool – http://www.rockwool.co.uk/about-us/stone-wool-benefits/sustainability/recycling-rockwool/

Fiberfrax – http://www.unifrax.eu.com/web/Audit.nsf/ByUNID/07BF555FAFDF28EF85258248004D074B/$File/Unifrax%20SDS%20Fiberfrax%20Paper,%20Fiberfrax%20Felts%20V45.00%20(GB-en)%20160804.pdf