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Advanced products

AdvancedA smoother running fan is a better performing fan.

RHF has created a more advanced configuration for its air inlets and impellors. We call it ‘Smoothflow’ because that’s exactly what it does. ‘Smoothflow’ ensures that there is less turbulence experienced as the fan operates, which in turn means that there will be less noise, a feature which will become more and more important.

But the ultimate benefit of our improved inlet and impellor solution is a higher level of efficiency, which of course delivers reductions in energy and consumption costs.

Lagging as Standard

Our fans have been designed with lagging capabilities in mind. All of our fans are engineered and designed so that lagging can be easily included. For us lagging is not an afterthought. Our lagging is enclosed within a second casing which is not only aesthetically more pleasing, but allows for easier fan maintenance. Lagging does not have to be removed to gain access to the fan.

Tabbed Assembly

RHF has invested time in the design and manufacturing process of all of our fans. We have a unique tabbing process used to put the fans together. Not only does this increase the speed of manufacturing our fans, it also creates a high standard and consistency that is hard to find elsewhere.