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We have many positions across the business ranging from administrators to factory operatives.

If you think you have the right skills for us please send us your CV and we will take a look. Please send all CVs to sales@rhf-fans.co.uk 


If we have any current vacancies they will appear on this page:


Factory Manager:          Click Here To Send CV or Request Further Information

This role involves management and control of a busy manufacturing shop floor. The Factory Manager will report directly to the Managing Director and will work along side other members of management. You will be expected to oversee all aspect of the shop floor and work closely with the factory supervisors.

Job Function

Hire and train factory staff
Management of department supervisors
Enforce all RHF Fans policies and procedures and help to develop them
Enforce health and safety
Communicate expectations to factory operatives and appraise their work
General HR duties (With support from HR department)
Implement and oversee machine maintenance and repair
Evaluate performance
Ensure factory is meeting production deadlines
Communicate with senior management

Knowledge / Skills / Expertise

Computer literate.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Experience in a similar role would be an advantage.
A thorough understanding of RHF products and RHF software will be required after initial period of employment.
A mechanically biased engineering qualification would be an advantage.
Ability to time manage effectively.
Good communication skills, both written and verbal

Welder/Fabricator:                           Click Here To Send CV or Request Further Information

The primary responsibility of the welder/fabricator is to fit and weld various gauge metals to include mild steel/stainless steels/ Aluminium/and brass, in the fabrication of industrial fan cases and impellors.

Job Function

The welding of components and cases in flat/vertical and the overhead positions.

Monitor the fitting and welding process to avoid overheating of components, shrinkage, distortion or warping of the case when built.

Ensuring that all components used in the manufacture of the fan cases are in line, straight by using the correct associated jigs and tools.

Continuously assessing the assemblies for quality and ensuring that all welds and construction, meet the agreed specification and conformance requirements.

Capable of reading and understanding of general arrangement and detailed engineering drawings.

Reporting of all non-conforming parts/parts of poor quality to the welding supervisor.

Ensure that all work undertaken is fully understood before commencing the assembly and welding components.

Comply with the standards and procedures adopted by the company, comply with all health and safety mandates.

Complete all work within the given timeframe and to specification, complete all relevant quality checks and fulfil all recording requirements.

Complete assigned housekeeping activities ensuring a clean safe working environment, participation in activities associated around the manufacture of fan cases and embracing new technologies.

Knowledge / Skills / Expertise

Experience of welding carbon steels/stainless steels in the flat would be an advantage, vertical and overhead positions, maintain good weld penetration, quality and neatness.

Certification to ASME VIIII in carbon and stainless steels would be an advantage.

Possess a good solid understanding of MIG and TIG machines, associated equipment required to run and maintain the welding sets. Knowledge of seam welding machine would be advantageous.

Must be able to interpret engineering drawing, welding symbols.

Must be able to read and use measuring equipment and templates.

The ability to work under instruction and also have the ability to work independently.

Good verbal communication skills.

 Physical Demands

The position requires the continual use of person’s hands, considerable use of arms, legs and the movement of the whole body, such as climbing, balancing, walking, stooping, lifting and manoeuvring of materials, equipment and assemblies.

The use of ladders, scaffold to assemble fan assemblies, working in a confined area and space will be necessary.

Must be able to lift/manoeuvre 25kg without physical restrictions.